Monday, November 17, 2014

No farms, no food

From today's entry on the New York Times photography blog titled "Buying the Farm, Building a Subdivision"
Scott Strazzante thought he had a quick newspaper assignment photographing a farm in suburban Chicago. Instead, he spent the next 20 years documenting life there and on the suburban subdivision that replaced it.

His new book, Common Ground, pairs an elderly couple’s everyday routines on the farm with strikingly similar images of a young family in the starter-home development that replaced it. His project kind of happened, with plot twists and serendipity, much like life itself.
The article's blithe tone seemed to openly invite cynical comments. Only four responses in, commentator "steve from virginia" brought the discourse straight into Hunger Games territory:
If Strazzante lives long enough he can photograph the rotting tract houses and the squatters' vegetable gardens, the goats and chickens, the rusted cars and burning piles of otherwise indestructible plastic ... he can also film the revolutionary fighters and the aircraft flying low overhead to bomb them.

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