Thursday, May 30, 2013

New economic perspectives

The following is my response to the second part of a lengthy post titled "Like a Wasting Disease, Neoliberals, Libertarians & the Right are Eating Away Society’s Connective Tissue" found on New Economic Perspectives. The initial italicized portion is a citation from the article:

Even libertarians, who decry “coercion” by government, spend an inordinate amount of their energy criticizing taxation while often ignoring or minimizing the use and abuse of military force as well as infringements of human rights and civil liberties at home and abroad. The primary liberty which concerns both them and more mainstream neoliberals is the freedom to own and exercise private property rights in as expansive a manner as possible. It can be reasonably asserted that most libertarians are “propertarians”, focused primarily on real and imagined threats to the private ownership of property. “Freedom” becomes an ideological excuse for personal acquisitiveness and greed.

Yes, this may be true in some or most (not all) cases.

Though, as you point out early in this article, pervasive corruption of political-economic schools of thought makes it tricky to correctly assign names and labels. A free, participatory society -- much like what the term "libertarianism" purports to describe -- resembles in no way the abusive, extractive, coercive rule by monopolist money-power elites (acting under the rubric of "neo-liberalism" or whatever) that is identified and righteously condemned in this article.

Libertarian Socialism
International Organization for a Participatory Society

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