Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unpublished response

State-sponsored corporate hegemony over American society (also known as corporatism, a synonym for fascism according to Benito Mussolini) is a far more significant and immediate threat to our freedom than the vague indication of creeping Islamist influence you are clamoring over here. Those repressive rulers who foist crack-pot fundamentalism on their impoverished populations and relish in grand designs on world domination represent but a minuscule danger to this country, no matter how fanatical they are.

Don't the final sentences in this post betray a fixation on competitive electoral politics? You associate by intimation a highly speculative and, in my opinion, somewhat specious outside threat with our current President, stating the matter in the gravest of terms and implying his ouster in November will thwart "The Project." I think it is remiss to encourage any kind of fear and reaction over this (non)issue.

Even if Obama is a secret Muslim with wicked intent to undermine the Bill of Rights, the framers of that document were wise enough to embed checks-and-balances in the structure of our government to prevent such unilateral subversion (as I'm certain the civic and patriotic author of this blog is well aware). Show a little courage and confidence in the spirit of freedom that, at the very least, stands at the foundation of American society. Sharia will never, ever, be the law of this land – it doesn’t merit a mention much less a call to action.

Indeed, this land of the free and home of the brave faces far more important issues, especially vis-à-vis the coming election. I would dare to suggest that, on solutions to problems that actually affect our nation, both candidates for President of the United States have demonstrated precious little in the "to offer" column. Still, it's hard to imagine Mitt Romney being any more lenient in regulating corporate abuse of the citizenry than the current administration has proven to be.

Thank you for respectfully and thoughtfully reviewing my comment.

Civilly, pete v

The above comment was submitted as a response to this blog post on "Liberty Belle: Right-side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World" (or is that "Liberty Belle: Shill for Corrupt Jingoistic Neoliberal Establishment Colonialism"? Is that uncivil?).

Tantamount to screaming “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming! And Obama is their Manchurian Candidate!” the post proffers the distinctly absurd notion of infiltration of our sovereign government by the evil Muslim Brotherhood in accordance with their master plan for implementing a global caliphate of Sharia Law. The author goes on to suggest that those unaware of this critical threat ought to "wake up and smell the coffee" before the November election.

Though the hallucinatory nature of this perceived danger hardly needs to be pointed out, I thought I’d attempt to do so. The comment was not published.

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